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Producer: Ine Waltuch | VPRO Television 
Director of Photography: Ton Peters & Jeroen de Bruin
Animation: Jan van Nuenen
Editor: Chris van Oers
Sounddesign: Wart Wamsteker
Commissioning editor: John de Zwart | VPRO Television



A short history on the effects of politically correct thinking in the Netherlands.


Wonderland is a personal trilogy of the history of politically correct thinking in the Netherlands. Based on personal anecdote and historical footage from WWII until 2004, director Oey sketches a caleidoscopic picture of recent Dutch history. Oey shows in Wonderland what has been the influence of progressive ideas on the Dutch in general and himself in particular. Although in this trilogy the doctrinary aspects of the hippy ideology are shown with no holds barred, in the end Wonderland is an unexpected declaration of love to the Netherlands.


Length: 3 x 40 minutes
Colour: colour
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Format: 16 mm & digibeta