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Gesneuveld (Fallen)

Producer: Pieter van Huystee 
Director of Photography: Jeroen de Bruin
Editor: Chris van Oers
Sounddesign: Giel van Geloven
Commissioning editor: Bert Janssen | HUMAN



How the losses of 25 Dutch servicemen in the war in Afghanistan have profoundly affected their next of kin.


Between 2006 and 2010 the Netherlands participated in ISAF, the international coalition in Afghanistan. What started out as a peacekeeping mission, soon became a fighting mission. 
The Dutch lost 25 servicemen. Friend and foe had predicted that as soon as the first bodybags would come home, the Dutch would pull out immediately. Yet they stayed and suffered losses. Itís thorugh the stories of the nex of kin and the colleagues that we truly learn what sacrifices were made.


Length: 92 minutes
Colour: colour
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Format: Red Epic & Arri Alexa